Healthcare Professionals & Politics

Post written by Sumit Patel, M.D. I dedicate this post to all the men, women, and children who showed the world that Donald Trump is a man, and that he does not speak for us all. I dedicate this to all those who participated in the Women’s March, all over the world. I dedicate this […]

Raindrops in the Storm

Post written by Nick Adkins I had never been to San Francisco and seen so much rain……and, wind! It was a monsoon! At one point, I stepped out of a car and it was like being hit with a full on stream of water from a fire hose. The wind was gusting up to 50-60 […]

We Must Unthink Healthcare

Post written by Bill Esslinger I’ve worked in healthcare IT and related fields since the early 1990s.  In 2000 I joined a then-startup EMR company. You may have heard of it – Greenway Health.  As an attorney, digitizing health records seemed like a great idea, so I signed on as VP, Secretary, General Counsel & […]