Gift Socks

It's all about gifting!

Pinksocks will allow you to connect with someone new that had you not have been wearing your pinksocks that day the two of you would have missed each other in the universe. So, when someone comments on your pinksocks, that’s the universe tapping you on the shoulder providing an opportunity to connect. Stop what you’re doing. Get off your phone. Stay on the bus for another stop… whatever it takes to do what we are doing right here……it’s good to see you! Don’t miss each one of those moments!

That moment is also a great time to reach into your bag, and say to your new friend, “I have something I want to gift you!” Enjoy the magic of their smile! That’s the gift that keeps on giving! Share the above message about connection with them and keep spreading love one smile at a time!

Order Socks

We aren’t making any money on the pinksocks. We’re providing them at our cost and passing them through to you so you can enjoy the magic of gifting! Gifting pinksocks is not the same as a donation.

We also need you to please donate to pinksocks to keep the magic going.

Thank you! Once your pinksocks have shipped you will receive an email with shipping receipt and payment instructions.