Welcome to PDX!

Post written by Nick Adkins You decided you want to go West! Welcome to Portland, Oregon – ground zero for pinksocks! My friend Dave Kittle from NY was recently in town and I was texting him recommendations on what to see while he was here for his friend’s wedding. My friend Rasu Shrestha from Pittsburgh was preparing […]

My #PinkSocks Story

“My #PinkSocks story started out like many people’s. With some serendipity and some bacon. via @jameyedwards”

A Thoughtful Gaze

Post written by Brian Pagán The eyes. Or rather: the gaze. When I introduced myself to Nick at #eHealth2016 in Amsterdam, he looked at me with that gaze. It’s a Mindful gaze, one that says “I see you, and I’m paying attention.” He told me that conferences like that one are great places to meet […]

What’s the Story, Morning Glory

Post written by Allan Vafi, M.D. As a child I was fascinated by space, endless outer space and the endless inner space. I guessed the connection would lie in a passage through the 4th dimension. My father, a surgeon, build a telescope so I could watch the craters on the surface of the moon and […]