Oh the Places You’ll Go

Post written by Andrew Richards My #pinksocks journey goes back to day one, ground zero. I was on the floor at HIMSS when the whole phenomena started. While Nick did his best to describe that magic in Chicago, words can’t adequately describe what happened. Honestly I don’t think I can either. At the end of the […]

The #PinkSocks Rat Pack

Post written by Jay Anderson  In October of 2015, after fifteen years of working in the medical device space, I transitioned into the wild-west of health IT software. I made the jump because I knew there was a movement towards paperless clinical documentation due to the ACA. Also I knew health care was changing from […]

The Great Way, The Great Together

Post re-blogged with permission from Frances West Today is July the 7th, the 7th day that I have retired from IBM, after 37 years. All my family and friends have told me to sit back, relax and to let retirement settle in so I can have a chance to reflect. So as I was busily turning […]