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#PINKSOCKS – Disrupting Healthcare!


Post written by Shivam Mundra


Like most of my fellow #Pinksocks tribe members, my #Pinksocks story didn’t start in some healthcare conference or a direct meeting with Nick Adkins ‘the pioneer’ of the #pinksocks movement, but it started through Twitter.

Though I was not physically present at HIMSS16 I was very engaged online and was on top of all the happenings through Twitter (that is the power of #SoMe: Image Below). This is when I came in contact with Nick Adkins and the famous #Pinksocks hashtag and instantly took a liking to it. It was during this time I actively started tweeting about healthcare and started following some really cool and knowledgeable healthcare disruptors and influencers.

#Pinksocks to me is a large family of healthcare IT professionals who are in pursuit of making a difference and improving healthcare IT. In Nick’s words:

“We’re a passionate group of people who have made a connection and have declared we’re ready for something different in healthcare.”

#Pinksocks definitely is a fashion statement, it has got its own SWAG! However somewhere along the way, these pair of socks have a deeper meaning and according to Gregg Masters:

“Everybody who’s wearing the #Pinksocks is disrupting health care from the ground up.”

I don’t know where this journey of ours will take us but I tend to agree with Nick: To achieve the promise of new approaches to health care, it will take all of us—technology companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, research centers, patients, and providers—all working together towards a common goal.

About Me:

I may be one of the youngest #Pinksocks Tribe member in terms of age and experience, most of the member of #Pinksocks are stalwarts of the healthcare industry. I work as a Healthcare Analyst and have been in the industry for 10+ years. It has been an amazing ride so far, and my presence in this industry is by design. I love working in healthcare IT, because the work is meaningful, and I get the opportunity to make an impact in improving the healthcare system.

One thing that I have learned is you need not have to be a caregiver to improve healthcare. There are other ways through which you can improve the care delivery process, and we all are contributing at our own capacity.

My #Pinksocks

  • Anne Llewellyn
    Posted at 23:53h, 24 June Reply

    I got my pair of pink socks this weekend at the Case Management Society of America Annual Conference from Luis Luna @moonbruin. Looking being part of the movement to transform healthcare. https://twitter.com/moonbruin

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