Kindness Ambassadors at Holcomb Elementary School

Moments like these are a testament to the profound influence and love a mother holds in her child's heart.

By Joy Rios

Stepping into Ms. Mohler’s 2nd-grade classroom, I was welcomed with an atmosphere thick with anticipation. The day began with the students engrossed in “One Drop of Kindness” by Jeff Kubiak, as shared by their dedicated teacher. When complete, Ms. Mohler introduced me as their special guest and I got to share with them what I do for a living.

“I work in healthcare and technology and I get to talk to lots of women leaders about their jobs!” Hands started to raise & they wanted to tell me what their moms do for a living.

“My mom is a nurse!”
“My mom walks dogs and gives massages!”
“My mom teaches high school!”

I said, “That’s amazing! Raise your hand if you’re proud of your mom.” And every hand in that room shot up.

It was heartening to see so many little hands shoot up, eager to share about their mom’s professions and how they were proud of them. Moments like these are a testament to the profound influence and love a mother holds in her child’s heart.

The highlight, however, was the unveiling of the #pinksocks. Ms. Mohler shared with the children that their classroom was chosen to be kindness ambassadors for their school. Their mission? To set a precedent, leading with acts of kindness, big or small – a smile, an invitation to play, or a helping hand. And as a symbol of this commitment, every student was presented with their very own pair of #pinksocks. In no time, the classroom transformed into a sea of matching socks and radiant smiles.

These young ambassadors have now committed to wearing their pinksocks every Tuesday, not only as a proud badge of honor but also as a gentle reminder to the entire Holcomb Elementary community about the power and importance of kindness. It was a fleeting yet impactful visit, leaving my heart overflowing with gratitude and hope for a kinder future.

A huge shout-out to Nick for initiating this heartwarming opportunity!

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