Being Human in a Clinical World

Post written by Avinesh Bhar, M.D. “You hurt me” she said. I know I did – couldn’t hide behind any excuses or ‘buts.’ She was the wife of a patient, he was dying and she had yet to come to terms with it. In over 2 weeks of engagement and conversations about prognosis, we had […]

Searching for a Spaceship

Post written by Nick Adkins Yesterday I was looking back through my tweets to try to find a burner whom I met at this year’s Exponential Medicine conference. I met her briefly and I thought I had tweeted something that had her handle in the tweet, but I wasn’t able to find it. It was Kirk […]

Anna’s Story

Post written by Anna Baznik My organization, IMPOWER, is paving the way with telehealth and the treatment of mental illness in Florida. I was at the Florida Telehealth Conference #FPTSUMMIT16 and saw two guys wearing the same socks. I thought that was funny, so I secretly took a picture of them and posted to Facebook…..with […]

Crossing Borders With #PinkSocks

Post written by Simona R. Three decades ago, my newly married cousin suddenly disappeared. Weeks passed by until we finally received the news that she had safely made it to Italy and she was US-bound. The newlywed couple had illegally crossed the borders of communist Romania, risking their lives in the process and protecting ours […]

A Man in Pink(Socks)

Post written by AJ Montpetit There are days where I feel that the health care industry is careening towards the edge of a cliff ala Thelma and Louise. Let me qualify a few things before diving in. I grew up in a time where paying for gas with your credit card and seeing the weather […]

Reminder From The Dust

Post written by Nick Adkins The dust…..I forgot just how much dust there is. I’ll be coughing it up and blowing it out my nose for days, and I couldn’t be happier. I wasn’t planning on going to Burning Man this year. It wasn’t calling to me until a few weeks ago. I had been […]

When a Doctor Becomes a Patient

“Life is a balance between what we can control and what we can’t, one must learn to live comfortably between effort and surrender.”

Oh the Places You’ll Go

Post written by Andrew Richards My #pinksocks journey goes back to day one, ground zero. I was on the floor at HIMSS when the whole phenomena started. While Nick did his best to describe that magic in Chicago, words can’t adequately describe what happened. Honestly I don’t think I can either. At the end of the […]

The #PinkSocks Rat Pack

Post written by Jay Anderson  In October of 2015, after fifteen years of working in the medical device space, I transitioned into the wild-west of health IT software. I made the jump because I knew there was a movement towards paperless clinical documentation due to the ACA. Also I knew health care was changing from […]

The Great Way, The Great Together

Post re-blogged with permission from Frances West Today is July the 7th, the 7th day that I have retired from IBM, after 37 years. All my family and friends have told me to sit back, relax and to let retirement settle in so I can have a chance to reflect. So as I was busily turning […]