Teaching Kindness

“The exponential ripple effect of goodness that these beautiful children in El Paso are creating across the universe through the timeline of their and our lives…..that’s the ROI of #pinksocks!”

Vulnerability and pinksocks

“And this is some of the magic of #pinksocks; it capitalizes on the phenomenon of ingroup favor for good.”

A Tribe Without Borders

Post written by Maram Museitif, MPH Many people ask me “what’s the story with the pinksocks?” I am asked that question almost every time I’m out in public. In all honesty, I have no single word to describe what it’s about. It’s a movement of personal connection. It’s a movement of passionate people who are […]

Pinksocks State Of Mind

Post written by Burt Rosen It’s hard for me to remember when I joined the pinksocks tribe, but it was somewhere in the last year. Pretty much an unforgettable experience. Upon initiation, when I was gifted the socks and explained what the gifting meant and where it came from, I was blown away by the […]

Disruptive Interruptions

Post written by Matt Good We each start the day with a plan. As it turns out, some days feel more meaningful than others. The funny thing being, the days that feel most meaningful are those where intention gives way to interruption, where my steps take a pause. The pinksocks are a gracious reminder to […]

Life With New Lungs

Post written by John Rost, A Primal Transplant Life with new lungs, sometimes it feels like we take three steps forward, then two back. At the moment I’m in the middle of the “two steps back” portion of the cycle. I’m experiencing a slow, steady decrease in lung function. My team is on the case, […]

The Power of Experience

Post written by Eugene Borukhovich When I started the New York Healthcare Technology Meetup (aka Health 2.0 NYC Chapter) in 2008, I honestly had no idea what it would become, or the impact it would make on the individuals in the group. Whether they were a young techie geek or a seasoned physician, everyone has […]

Healthcare Professionals & Politics

Post written by Sumit Patel, M.D. I dedicate this post to all the men, women, and children who showed the world that Donald Trump is a man, and that he does not speak for us all. I dedicate this to all those who participated in the Women’s March, all over the world. I dedicate this […]

Raindrops in the Storm

Post written by Nick Adkins I had never been to San Francisco and seen so much rain……and, wind! It was a monsoon! At one point, I stepped out of a car and it was like being hit with a full on stream of water from a fire hose. The wind was gusting up to 50-60 […]

We Must Unthink Healthcare

Post written by Bill Esslinger I’ve worked in healthcare IT and related fields since the early 1990s.  In 2000 I joined a then-startup EMR company. You may have heard of it – Greenway Health.  As an attorney, digitizing health records seemed like a great idea, so I signed on as VP, Secretary, General Counsel & […]