Disruptive Interruptions

Post written by Matt Good

We each start the day with a plan. As it turns out, some days feel more meaningful than others. The funny thing being, the days that feel most meaningful are those where intention gives way to interruption, where my steps take a pause. The pinksocks are a gracious reminder to make space for those interruptions.

I found myself in Portland, Oregon with plenty on my mind. A meeting with a neurosurgeon. An agenda to convey. Feedback to collect. I sat in the surgeon’s waiting room mentally planning my next moves and crossed my right leg over my left. My colleague, Andy, promptly took notice of my pinksocks and inquired where I picked these up. I grinned at the opportunity to share. As I unfolded the story behind the pinksocks, I started to articulate what it means to be a part of this community of healthcare professionals, innovators, and patients that are working together to bring about impactful change in the healthcare system.

I became aware of a patient (wearing a pink top!) and her husband listening in from across the room. So, I continued to explain and included them in the conversation about how pinksocks encourage a fun, collaborative, meaningful, and engaging healthcare environment. And, that is where the magic began and the socks stepped in as an icebreaker; a space-maker for kindness and empathy.

This very courageous woman closed her book and perked up. She politely asked if I had an extra pair. Lucky enough, I did! As I walked over to her and gifted her some pinksocks, I asked her to tell me a little bit about herself. I don’t know everything about this woman, but I do know that without the pinksocks, I would not have known that she had cancer. I would not have known that she was there for follow-up treatment. I would not have been able to commend her strength during her long road of treatment. I would not have been able to gift her a reminder that there are people that are alongside cheering her on. She is not alone.

Because of the pinksocks, I was able to meet a benevolent soul. Our brief interaction served as a reminder as to why I stepped into the healthcare industry in the first place: to help people.

There are patients out there, like this woman, fighting a battle each day. They are determined to keep their eyes focused on a cancer-free future, while simply putting one foot in front of the other each day. With pinksocks in tote, hopefully those steps are made with a smile and provide encouragement to continue going the distance. For patients….and for me.

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