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A Tribe Without Borders


Post Written by Maram Museitif, MPH


Many people ask me “what’s the story with the pinksocks?”

I am asked that question almost every time I’m out in public. In all honesty, I have no single word to describe what it’s about.

It’s a movement of personal connection. It’s a movement of passionate people who are game changers, innovators, making a positive difference in the world. It’s a movement of caring, kindness, and empathy. It’s a movement of disruption and challenging the status quo. It’s a movement of inspiration, support, and respect. It’s a movement of collaboration, breaking all silos and walls. It’s a movement of trust, empowerment, and influence. It’s a movement that we are all in dire need of in our society, healthcare, and politics.

The pinksocks tribe is a community without borders. We are all over the world! The tribe is a strong collaborative community of professionals, experts, entrepreneurs, patients, community workers, advocates, health IT, and many more voices. We are all sharing the same passion for improving health, humanizing healthcare, investing in public health, addressing social determinants of health, advocating for health policy improvements and change, and thinking of innovative ways to create a better cohesive integrated health system.

It’s a selfless tribe that is built on gifting and kindness. The model is simple: be fearless, “the world is full of good when you believe it, you see it.” The pinksocks tribe is beautiful and unique, because it is open to everyone.

My tribe has brightened my days, taught me so much about the importance of human connection in our everyday lives. I am inspired everyday to be the change I wish to see in the world.

If you ever wondered what the pinksocks tribe is to me, it is all of the above and, much, much more.



  • Steven Verbeek
    Posted at 22:32h, 06 October Reply

    Is the mouvement represented in France?

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